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・当コンテンツのWebページではアクセス解析のために、Google Analyticsを使用しております。Google Analyticsは、Cookieと呼ばれる技術を使って自動的にユーザ情報を取得しております。取得されたユーザ情報はデータ収集のために利用されるものであり、他の用途に使用されることはございません。Google Analyticsのプライバシーポリシーについては以下のリンクからご参照ください。

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Privacy Policy

KOTORINOSU (hereinafter referred to as "this content") has specified the Privacy Policy regarding handling of user information as follows. The user information in this privacy policy means terminal information and an IP address used by the user, an action history on a communication service, etc. And this data is not the information that could identify the user's personal information(address, mail address, telephone number, etc.) .

・This content uses Google Analytics for access analysis on this web page of contents. Google Analytics automatically acquires user information using by cookie. The acquired user information is used for data collection and is not used for other purposes. Please refer to the following link for the privacy policy of Google Analytics.

Google - Privacy Policy

・This content uses the advertisement network by third-party distribution. The advertisement distribution provider acquire the user information of the user who accessed this content in order to display the advertisement suitable for each user. Please refer to the following link for user information / purpose used by each advertisement network.


・The e-mail address is used only for communication with the user, and it is not used for other purposes or disclosed to a third party. (* It is excluded when disclosure is requested based on law, or when disclosure is requested from a public institution (police, court etc).)